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Your Puppy Process

What to expect when getting a puppy from us!
So you have found a puppy you'd like from us. You fill out a puppy application we contact you and your ready to place your deposit through paypal, venmo, or right here on the website. Once you pay your deposit you need to make arrangements for pickup and you must contact your vet to get your 72 hour wellness exam done. This must be done within 72 hours of picking up your puppy or your health guarantee will be VOID. You have 14 days to send me your health exam paperwork via email, mail or photo on cellphone. If you dont send this back your guarantee will be VOID.If your deposit is on an upcoming litter, we will contact you when litter is born and will have photos on our website. This will be the only photos until picking of your puppy at age 5-6 weeks (we will post litter photos and videos on our Puppy Paws facebook page as they grow)! When picking time arrives we will have photos on our website of each puppy so you can pick your puppy. We will also have litter or individual videos! If you would like to come pick your puppy out personally, I will set up a day for meet and greets on a day that everyone can come see the puppies in order of deposits received. 
If your picking a puppy who is 6 weeks and older on our website we will have a video available for you and those might be the only photos and video you will get until you pick your puppy up at or around 8 weeks of age!  Remember is takes a lot of time to raise these babies.
After you have picked your puppy, I will send you a link for a pet portal you need to register for and I will send you your health guarantee to docusign and submit back to me or I will have you sign it on pickup day.  
  On pick up day your puppy will be bathed (if your puppy was picked previously) and ready with his/her bag that includes your puppies paperwork, small baggie of food, blanket, treats, and shampoo! Final payment is due CASH ONLY before you can leave with your puppy. It is VERY important for you to be on time with pickups as I have other customers. If you are more than 15 minutes late you could be moved to the back of the pickup line or have to meet my husband or one of my children at a different spot in my town. Once you leave if you have any questions please do NOT hesitate to contact me! I am ALWAYS willing and happy to answer any questions you may have about your new baby! We also LOVE pupdates (updated photos). If you have any questions about deposits and payments see the deposits and payments page. 
We do not allow anybody in our dogs or puppies home because remember we have other puppies as well who may not have started their vaccines and we must protect our babies! !  We do have cameras inside their homes so we are more than happy to show you what they are up to while your here. 

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