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Puppy Nutrition

Puppy Nutrition is very important, we want to fill the gap that sometimes our food just doesn't cover. Thats why we offer NuVet Vitamins for Dogs & Puppies.

For your convenience, you may order online by clicking on this link   or calling 800-474-7044 and using Order Code: 896743.   You can also save an additional 15% and assure you never run out. by choosing the “AutoShip” option at check out.


Pet Insurance

We all know life is very unpredictable. What happens when your puppy plays in the backyard or takes a walk and hurts their leg? The thoughts that go through your head is what is it going to Cost Me! With Pet Insurance you can put your mind at ease. It covers from Routine Yearly Visits to Accidental even breed specific conditions. So, why not get the security and coverage your pet deserves! 

We are offering a SPECIAL OFFER for your newest addition from Shondel Puppy Paws

Activate your coverage within 24 hours after pickup to get 1 month of coverage FREE. You heard it FREE. All you have to do is call or visit the TRUPANION.COM to activate your 1 month free coverage with a code. So you an wag more and worry less. 





Puppy Gut Health


Every dog parent wants the best for their dog. For many, that starts with a high quality food. But, a dog's ability to take in nutrients is dependent on a healthy digestive system. That's why we say, "Health Starts in the Gut."

A healthy, balanced gut microbiome is so important for dogs. Without it, your dog may be more susceptible to disease, infection, or other health risks.

Many products try to help with gut health. We wanted (and needed) the best for our boy Bernie, who was having some unpleasant challenges.

We found that the best solution required more than one product. Each supplement targeted a different part of Bernie's problem. Mixing and serving these to Bernie was difficult. Some were powders, others would stick to the food dish. Also, Bernie often didn't like one or more of the flavors. Things were not working out so well.

That's how our journey started, and why we now offer Bernie's Perfect Poop. We worked with research teams to develop a unique formula for our 4-in-1 gut health supplement. It's easy to serve, only requires one product, and it works.

We know what you are going through with your dog (we've been there). That's why we hope you'll try Bernie's Perfect Poop risk free, using our 100% money-back guarantee.

Bernie's Perfect Poop is all natural and the ultimate digestion support for dogs. Maximize your dog's gut health with a few scoops in each meal. Seriously, Bernie doesn't know it's good for him. He just knows it tastes good and he feels his best. 

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