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Gentle and sweet, the bichon frise has a happy-go-lucky personality with playful antics. Meanwhile, the shih tzu is a loyal and friendly lapdog. Combine these two breeds, and you've got a sweet-as-can-be shichon, a fluffy cuddle champion.

Emerging in popularity, these small hybrid dogs can be a perfect fit for a number of households as doting companions for seniors or eager-to-play pets for families with children. Shichons don't shed much, either, so they may be an ideal pet for allergy sufferers. Because of their gentle nature, they could be great for first-time pet owners, too. However, shichons do require a good deal of grooming to keep their curly coats from matting, and they are a breed that likes to spend oodles of time with their humans.


9 - 15 pounds


9 - 12 inches


12 - 16 years

Meet The Puppies

Nolas Crew

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