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Deposits & Payments

Once you decide you want a puppy from us we require a $200 non refundable but transferable deposit 1 time if you back out once and want to transfer to another litter this can only happen 1 time. If this happens a 2nd time your then choosing to forfeit your deposit.You can pay your deposit on our website below by clicking buy now or through Venmo as well as paypal. We now no longer allow our puppies to be viewed without a deposit. I have always allowed people to come BUT after having someone say they were coming to pick out a puppy without deposit and didn't show up I have changed my policy. They led me for 2 whole days to believe they were coming and never showed. The deposit for viewing to possibly pick a puppy is $100. If you dont show, the deposit is non refundable. If you come and you decide you don't want a puppy you can transfer deposit to another puppy or I will refund you. Whichever you choose.  If you pick a puppy online it is $200 deposit non refundable. 

Puppy line ups are by deposits received so if you wait to pay your deposit there is a good chance someone has taken your spot. Always pay directly to ensure your spot in puppy line ups. Shondel Puppy Paws reserves the right to have first pick on any litter. IF you message me after your puppy is 6 weeks of age and back out on said puppy you are automatically forfeiting your deposit! IF you are getting more than 1 puppy and message me after they are 6 weeks of age deciding you are just wanting 1 of the puppies you are forfeiting your deposit on BOTH puppies. I understand things come up but you must also understand I want the best homes for my puppies. I do not want my puppies going to someone who is indecisive.

Puppies are work and I expect ya'll to do your research on the breed your choosing and make sure you are 100% sure a puppy is a good fit for you and your family BEFORE placing a deposits let alone waiting until he/she is 6 weeks old to decide this isn't for me. When you do this it is not fair to the puppy who is suppose to be going to his/her new family and now he/she is back to looking for a different family. I also send out health guarantees at around 6-7 weeks of age and get everything ready and to the vets office so my health certificates are filled out to the new owner (which I get charged for) so for the sake of my puppies and myself PLEASE do your research and make 100 percent sure you are ready for the responsibility of a puppy before placing a deposit. Thank you all to the ones who make it easy on us!

If you ask us to hold your puppy extra time, your payment is still due at the time they are suppose to leave us. We will not hold puppies past 1 week from their go home date. In the event we make an exception for over 1 week, there will be an extra fee. 

Accepted Payments

We Accept Venmo, Cash, Paypal

We accept deposits via Venmo (as friends or else add the fee)


click buy now to pay deposit right now. 4% cc fee added automatically.

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Final Payments

 For pick up,  puppies final payment is due on the day you pick your puppy up via cash, venmo, cashapp, or paypal,.  For puppies flying or ground transport payment for flight and remaining puppy balance is due 1 week before flight day. There is a 4% cc fee unless payments are sent as friends or family! If we hold a puppy past its go home date, the first week is free, anything after there will be extra fees. Please ask about this. Final payments are FINAL once paid unless an issue arrises with the puppy that is covered by my health guarantee.

Breeding Rights

Breeding rights are an extra $500 and will not be sold on discounted puppies. If you want breeding rights its full price plus rights. I have the right to refuse breed rights to anyone. If you are placing your puppy in a guardian home please let me know before placing deposit. 



Pick Up: You may pick up at our home but please bring a carrier for your puppy as it is the safest place for him/her to be while you make the trip back home! I will tell you the pickup days and you can choose the time you'd like to come.  If you set a pickup time and something comes up, I will reschedule 1 time. If your 2nd appointment is missed, you forfeit your deposit. 

Meeting for deliver:  We do charge a small fee if meeting. Our meeting spots are typically Des Moines, IA, Columbia, Missouri, Macon, Missouri, Iowa City, Iowa. We will meet other places if discussed at least 3 weeks prior to pick-up. If you would like to meet at one of these places that is usually during the week as my weekends are for at our house pick-ups. PLEASE MAKE ARRANGEMENTS FOR MEETING AT LEAST 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO PUPPY 8 WEEKS. (Last minute notice may result in not being able to meet) We do NOT meet anywhere before 12pm

2 hours from any direction from our home- $150.00
4 hours from any direction from our home- $250.00
​Additional hours must be discussed for pricing.
Prices also may very if I'm busy the day you want to meet and I have to find someone else to bring your puppy!!


Airport Pickup: You may fly into my airport (Des Moines Iowa) where I meet you with your puppy but please make sure you bring a soft-sided carrier for your puppy to fly under your seat in. If I have to supply this there will be a fee added to your final payment.  It is also a good idea to put shredded paper in the carrier incase your puppy has an accident.  The airport we use is Des Moines International Airport in Des Moines Iowa! When you come down the escalator walk forward to the open area with seating, we will be in this area somewhere. There is also a place for you to take your puppy to potty outside the doors here!

Flight Nanny: We recomend Pups on the Fly


Flight Nanny: We recommend Pups on the Fly
(469) 269-2440
Call this number or visit their website for more information and to set up a flight for your new puppy! NO FLIGHTS BEFORE 10 am. Airport is 2 hours away from me.


Ground Transport: 

We recommend Delifurry 
Phone ​(972) 832-9817
​Call their number or visit their website for more information and to set up transport for your new puppy!

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