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A buyers market in the dog breeding industry

Breeders all over the world are seeing a big decrease is dog sales and prices. I want you to sit and think back to 2020 when covid hit and everybody started panic puppy buying with their free stimulus checks and their free time home from work. Honestly the puppy buying craze went over into 2021 as well. Here we are 2023, the economy is trash and inflation is through the roof and lets not forget those puppies bought in 2020 and 2021 are just now 2 and 3 years old. Just think about how many puppies were bought in 2020 and 2021. I assure you it was thousands and thousands so those thousands and thousands of people already got their puppy, he or she is only 2 or 3 years old. They might eventually look for a fur sibling for their four legged friends but not already. Or they may have been getting a four legged friend for their already 1 or 2 dogs they had. Now lets get to it shall we. Has anybody looked at the numbers on say Have you clicked certain breeds and seen the numbers of that specific breed? Have you scrolled through pages to look at the price gaps? So for example I breed Mini Bernedoodle and when I go on the good old puppies website they are priced for $500-$5000. You start to ask yourself how do I compete with that? I've noticed alot of consumers are going for the cheaper puppies that come with no guarantee, no puppy bags, no nothing! I feel like ok do I lower my pups, but if i do will people not buy them because they think they are bad? Why do people not want to pay for more upfront versus more in the end? More in the end meaning health problems from the puppies that are being pushed out with no time from the breeders and no care from them. Is it just me or are these some of the thoughts that cross other #breeders minds? I want to stick to a price and not bounce around. I also want my puppies to get into good families because after all that is my mission! My mission is to unite my amazing puppies with amazing families and meet all their needs. Does anyone elses minds just race on the constant wonder if we are making the right calls? This is my first "blog" don't judge :)

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